Some Popular Hidden Objects Games You Need To Know

The hidden objects games are a part of puzzle games and they include hidden items in the picture that youneed to find and for finding each item you get coins or rewards. These games are very popular incasual gaming and they are not much expensive to download. Also,there are time limit trial versions availablefor download. These games are challengingto your observation power and concentration skills to find the objects in hidden pictures. Most of the games have storylines in which you can unlock the clues in larger mystery. It is a way to expand the game challenge. There are many sites that provide a great collection onhidden objects games and you can play the game you like.

Here are some popular games that you would love to play.

Criminal cases

This is a detective theme based game that gives you an opportunity to play the role of a detective and solve the murder cases. You can play this game online and there are many active users of this game. This is the highest played game by the people.

Paranormal agency

If you are interested in ghosts then this game is right for you. Thisgamehas a ghost theme and you play the role of a detective who has paranormal abilities and is able to see the ghost. You have to detect the ghost presence with various hidden objects and solve the crime.

CSI: hidden crimes

CSI is a game which is currently played by many people. There are huge fans of this game. This is quite interesting and the players have detective skills to find the hidden objects and investigate the cases.The activity or scenes are set in Las Vegas and you get the opportunity to solve the crime scenes by finding the hidden objects.